Lars Milestones

1st Day at "school" - Little Pro's Academy Morrisville
July 29, 2002 - Miss Mary and Miss Tanya ( infant 1)
March 2003 - moved to the 1yr class with Miss Amanda and Cindi (toddler 3)
April 2004 - moved to the 2yr class with Miss Julia and Tammy (waddler 2)
April 2005 - moved to the 3yr class with Miss Debbie and Stephanie
April 2006 - moved to the 4yr class with Miss Lori and Miss Beth

11/04/04 - Lars went potty using the toilet at school at 4pm today!
Lars was potty trained March 2005 (excluding nights)
Lars has been dry at night as of 8/28/07

May 27, 2002 - 1st bath at home
October 27, 2002 - 1st bath sitting up on my own
I'm a big boy now! I love bubble baths.
January, 25, 2003 - Splashes the water in the bath

Bed Routine:
February 2, 2003  - After finishing his bottle, Lars like to reach over and grab the pacifier on the night stand and plop it in his mouth.

October 19, 2008 - 1st time riding his bike with no training wheels

Eating in High Chair:
November 2, 2002 - ate carrots in the high chair

September 8,2009  Lars gets glasses
Last week we were at the bus stop and Lars said he thought he should get his eyes checked. He was have a tough time reading the chalk board at school. We called and popped in for his appointment later that week and yep, he needs glasses. He is very excited, but just not in this picture. He didn't want his picture taken.


September 21, 2002 - big toes in mouth trick
January 11, 2003 - size 5 infant shoe
April 12, 2003 - 1st pair of shoes. Stride Rite Sneakers size 5 1/2 - 6 
See my new shoes!
April 2004 - he is now wearing toddler size 8
August 6, 2008 - Tied his own shoe laces


3/16/03 1st hair trim by mommy. 
6/27/04 Lars is sporting a new hair cut for the summer, just like Daddy.
BUZZZ off went the hair for the summer. Lars loves it.

Held his own bottle:
August 10, 2002 - for about 30 seconds

July 20, 2002 - He's no Fred Astaire yet, but he is now coordinating his movements better. The jerky arm and leg movements of his newborn days have given way to smoother, more circular motions. He reaches for our faces when we play with him. His grip is so strong the tips of his fingers turn white.
2/21/03 - He waved to Poppi.
2/22/03 - Clapped hands
March 2004 - can jump lifting both feet off of the ground

February 12, 2003 - Crawls backward
February 18, 2003 - Crawls forward
March 12, 2003 - Lars started cruising on furniture
March 19, 2003 - Lars Stood up with holding anything for 5 seconds
April 9, 2003 - Lars took 1 step at daycare and 2 steps in the evening at home.
April 11, 2003 - Lars took 4 steps on his own. He is all over the place with his walker too.
4/26/03 - Can we officially say Lars is walking? He is taking about 8-10 steps at a time before falling. He lets go of the coffee table to venture across the family room to his toys and falls about 1/2 way there. He is a fearless little man and just turned 11 months old a few days ago. The neighbors, say he is officially walking. His teacher said he is officially walking.  
We would like to formally announce that Lars Michael Wagoner is WALKING!
Put one foot in front of the other... and soon you'll be walkin' out the door.

Pull up:
August 25, 2002 - holding daddy's hands
1st pullup
February 8, 2003 - Pulled up on knees in crib
March 5, 2003 - 7:05pm Lars was sitting down and pulled up into standing position.

August 5, 2006  Book Worm!
Lars can officially read!  He has been sounding out letters here and there to figure out words. He read the entire Dr. Seuss Foot Book. We have now have a library card and will try to keep him busy with a variety of books.

March 2007 - Lars really loves to read anything he can. He also loves math. He can add, subtract and tell time at the top of the hour.

Rolled Over:
August 21, 2002 - Tummy to back
 Lars rolled over from his tummy to his back seconds after this picture.
October 8, 2002 - Back to tummy

August 30th and 31st, 2007 - Lars is in Kindergarten
Lars started school this week. His 1st day was an "assessment" day on August 31st. They have the new students do various activities to see where they are with their skills. Some of the activities are counting as hi as you can, bouncing a ball, listening to directions, repeating a story, repeating words etc...
Lars said it was all stuff he already knew.  We asked him if they did any math and he said no. Then we said did they have you count and he said yes. He stated he counted to 102 and we were curious why he stopped at that number. He stated the teacher told him it was time to stop. The teachers had the following punctuations on a paper and asked what they were ( ! . ?). Lars rattled off the name for each and the teacher said not many 5-6 year olds know that. Anyway, the next day we found out which of the 6 Kindergarten classes Lars would be in and we were invited to an open house to meet the teacher. Here are some pictures marking this milestone. Sept 4th will be his 1st day in his new class and riding the bus too. YIKES!
1st day of school  8-30-07
Lars on his 1st day of school 8-30-07School parking lotWe are checking in on his 1st day near the Kindergarten hall
Meet the teacher 8-31-07
Lars is very excited for them to call us back to see his classromm Lars next to his cubby Lars found his seat and sat right down The proud parents Sister is happy too

Sitting up:
November 5, 2002 - on his own if we place him in the sitting position
December 18, 2002 - sitting and reaching for toys
February 10, 2003 - sat up from laying flat on back

July 3, 2002 - slept 5 hours
July 16, 2002 - slept 6 hours
August 16, 2002 - slept 8 hours
August 31, 2002 - slept 11 hours
May 29, 2004 - Lars took his 1st nap in the toddler bed instead of the crib. He read books to himself and fell asleep with one on his chest.
May 30, 2004 -  Lars took his nap in the toddler bed and also slept all night in it. He fell out once about 10:30pm. I was downstairs and just heard a boom, no other noise. I went up to check on him and he was sitting up beside the bed with a blanket over his head. Not a peep came out of him. I think he was sleeping sitting up. I uncovered him, placed him back in the bed and he stayed asleep. When he woke up the next morning he was just reading his books with his music on until I came to get him. Lars said that the crib is for baby's and he wants to sleep in the big boy bed. 

June 14, 2002 - smiles at random
July 7, 2002 - smiles when talked to by mommy and daddy
July 9, 2002 - a genuine smile with cheeks and eyes
July 26, 2002 - laughed when daddy played with him
August 26th, 2002 - giggles
December 2, 2002 - laugh from the gut with gasps in between
April 19, 2003 - Lars now has fits of laughter. When we get him going, he will just laugh until he hunches over and falls to the ground. He sure is a character.

July 6, 2002 - cooing and making vowel sounds
July 10, 2002 - cooing at his symphony in motion mobile as if he were trying to speak to it.
November 3, 2002 - Da Da 
November 29, 2002 - Ma Ma
August 18, 2003 -20+ words (Boo, Moo, More, Bye Bye, Hi, Wawa, Up, Woof, Quack, Ball, Momo (motorcycle), Baker, Papa, Baby, Uh Oh, Daddy, Mama, Apple, Meow, Nana, Shoe)
October 27,2003 - Lars said 2 words together for the 1st time. (More Cracker)  His vocabulary is up to about 100 individual words and 
12 in sign language (Bye bye, sleep, star, light, eat, more, up, shh, no touch, no no, milk, drink)
May 2004 - Lars can sing the ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle little star and I'm a lil teapot. He usually says 4-6 word sentences. 
June 4, 2004 - We came home from work/school on Friday and Alan was feeding Baker on the back porch. Lars ran to the back door and yelled out "Daddy, open the door for me!". He is talking up a storm and his sentences get longer and clearer every day.

July 5, 2005 Lars Moment
I was getting dinner ready for the kids and had just placed Anya in her high chair. As Lars was climbing up on his chair he recited the entire Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, including the word indivisible and all!  He didn't miss a beat. I asked him if he did this at school and he said "yah, but I don't want to put my hand up." I didn't learn that until about 6 yrs old and I said invisible until at least 8 or 9.  We have it on video, so I just need to figure out how to share it with you all.

Sucking Thumb:
August 3, 2002 - sometimes

July 29, 2002 -
 Swimming with daddy -7/29/02  Swimming with daddy -7/29/02 
April 2004 - Lars took swim lessons at the YMCA and did very well. He learned to scoop, spit, kick, blow bubbles and go under.
March 2005 - Lars took swim lessons at the YMCA

May 2004 - Lars just loves the water and is fearless. He loves to jump off the side and go under the water.

June 2007 - after 4 weeks of swim lessons Lars is swimming on his own. NO FLOATATION ! He is a little fish and just loves the pool, he has excellent form.

June 12, 2008 -
Lars lost his 1st tooth.
Before                    After