Well, the gang at work really pulled one over on me. 

Surprise !  Baby ShowerFriday April 26th -  I wasn't feeling well that day, just very tired. It took all my energy to go into work. I had meetings all morning from 9am-12noon and I was just so tired. I was just getting ready to go to lunch and my boss stopped by and asked if we could meet for just 15 min more. A few of us met in his office and he suggested we finish the meeting while walking, as we had been sitting in meetings all morning. I fell for it like a champ. I was thrilled to get up and move around. We walked clear to the other end of the building and then my boss said, maybe you should rest. He opened a meeting room and in I walked, only to get the shock of my life.

Baby Shower GiftsI can honestly say this was the 1st time ever ever ever that I have been surprised. I usually know when there is something going on, but this time I didn't have a clue. Sorry if you thought you surprised me before. There were about 40 people from the office there and they even had Alan in on it. Apparently when I was traveling they filled him in about 6 weeks in advance. The shower was a dual shower for the Wagoner and Harris Families. Martin Harris works in my department with me and he and his wife are due just days after us. Coincidentally Martins wife works in Alan's building at IBM. Small world! It was a wonderful time.