Baby's Room

view of the room from the door   view of the room from the door to the left  view of the room from the left towards the door  Auntie Karen made this blanket for Lars. She made sure to have the underwater theme to go with the room. Thanks Karen and Eric!!!

Afghan made with love by Aunt Cathy, The underwater wall mural and Fish Valence made by HeidiAfghans made with love by Grandma AvelinaMay 2002 We now have the baby changing table and a twin day bed set up. We will put up the crib later as the baby will be in the bassinet for a month or two. Grandma Avelina made the baby 3 beautiful afghans. It was difficult to decide which one to have out on the bed, so we decided to rotate them. They are all on the bed pictured to the left, but we will keep out the blue, pink and white one first. My big sister Cathy also made a gorgeous afghan for us, perfect!

Baby room wall mural of dolphinsApril 2002  The room is coming along and we are now in the "better get it done" mode. We have one full wall (9'x13') that we papered with an under water mural.  We are going to try and stick with the bright colors in the room and hope our child is going to be a water baby.



April 2002  We have been preparing for the baby's arrival and attending our Labor Classes. They were every Tuesday night in April from 6-9pm and boy did we have home work. Our last class was on the 23rd and we had to bring in a Birth Plan as well as the packed bag we will be bringing to the hospital (for the real thing).

Alan was fortunate enough to attend  Daddy Boot camp one Saturday. There were 3 dads with their 3 newborns teaching the class. It was open discussion and Men Only. They were able to discuss everything from baby to wives, new habits, new life. They could hold, feed and change the "real" babies. Alan picked up quite a few pointers and we will just go with the flow.

We also attended a one night breastfeeding class. We are going to give it a whirl. Hopefully our little guy takes to breastfeeding.

May 1, 2002  We attended our last class 2 days ago! Those can really tire you out, so full of info. This was the newborn basics class. We each had a doll that had to be bathed and changed. Not too realistic, but there were some good pointers. It was really just nice meeting other couples that are due around the same time we are and hearing what they experience.