Lars Doctor Visits

At Birth in the hospital
Weight 8lb 9oz 
Height 21 1/2"
Apgar Test 9/9, Circumcision, Bilirubin Test (10), 1st Hepatitis B

4 days
Weight 7lb 15oz 
Height 21 1/2"
Bilirubin Test (14)

Bilirubin Test(17)

1 week - 5/30/02
Weight 8lb 4oz    
Height 21 1/2"     
Bilirubin Test (12)

2 weeks - 6/6/02
Weight 9lb     75% 
Height 22"    90%
Head Circumference 37cm    50%

6 weeks
Weight 12lb 7oz 

2 months - 7/24/02
Weight 13lb 13oz     90%
Height 24"     90%
Head Circumference 40cm    50%
2nd Hepatitis B, Polio, Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib), Diphtheria Tetanus & Pertussis

3 months - 8/27/02 No formal doctor visit, but we did take him in to be weighed.
Weight 16lb

3 months 3 weeks 9/14/02 - Fever of 101.5'
We called the doctor and they advised children's Tylenol 1.5 ml. We gave him 1 dose and the fever was down below 100' in 4 hours.

3 months 3 1/2 weeks 9/18/02 - Fever of 101'
I was at daycare and they called mommy and daddy to pick me up. I wasn't feeling well. Daddy took me to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong, Might be teething?  I had to stay home from school the following day. Mommy and daddy both stayed home and took care of me.
Weight 17lb 4oz     90%
Height 26 1/2"     90%

4 months - 10/02/02
Weight 17lb 14oz     95%
Height 26 3/4"     >95%  off the charts
Head Circumference 43cm    75%
Prevnar, 2nd Polio, 2nd Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib), 2nd Diphtheria Tetanus & Pertussis

6 months - 11/22/02
Weight 19lb 12oz     88%
Height 28 1/2"     >95%  off the charts
Head Circumference 44cm    52%
Shots: 2nd Prevnar, 3rd Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib), 3rd Diphtheria Tetanus & Pertussis, Flu shield

9 months - 2/27/03
Weight 23lb 2oz     75%
Height 29 1/4"     90%  
Head Circumference 46.1cm    75%
Shots: 3rd Prevnar, 3rd Polio, 3rd Hepatitis B
Hemoglobin test 11.9%

12 months - 5/28/03
Weight 23lb 8oz     70%
Height 30 3/4"     85%  
Head Circumference 47.5cm    80%
Shots: 4th Prevnar, MMR1 MumpsMeaslesRubella, Varicella1

15 months - 8/27/03
Weight 25lb 8oz     65%
Height 31 3/4"     75%  
Head Circumference 47.5cm    70%
Shots: 4th Diphtheria Tetanus & Pertussis, 4th Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib)

18 months - 11/24/03
Weight 26lb 12oz     75%
Height 32 1/2"     50%  
Head Circumference 48.3cm    75%
Shots: Flu shield  (No more shots until Kindergarten, except flu shots)

2 year - 5/25/04
Weight 28lb 12oz     70%
Height 34 3/4"     74%  
Head Circumference 49.5cm    75%
Next Check up at 3 years. Lars should now begin to use fluoride toothpaste and transition to 2% milk. The doctor was very pleased with Lars and his development. He was impressed with his speech and motor skills as well.

3 year - 5/24/05
Weight 34lb         75%
Height 38"            50%  
They asked if Lars could point out a few shapes and count to at least 3. Huh?  I said he can name even an octagon and he can count to 5 in 4 languages and up to 15 in English and Spanish.  Lars sure was a show off for Dr. Rutledge. He informed the doctor that he went pee pee on the potty 6 times today and that he gets marshmallows. The Dr. was again very impressed with Lars and his skills. He told Lars to say thank you to his mommy and daddy for doing such a good job keeping him healthy. He said it is time to take our little man to the Dentist and recommended a few dentists that are great with kids.

June 9, 2006  4 yr wellness visit for Lars
Well we went to see Dr. Rutledge today for the standard 4 year old visit. Lars was just wonderful.
Weight 38lb         75%
Height  41"           75%  
Blood pressure    84/50 

They did all sorts of eye tests/games, testing for vision, lazy eye, color blind etc. They also did a hearing test. He passed all with flying colors. He told the nurse that he was there to see Dr. Rutledge and that he is only 4 even though she may think he is really 5.  She never mentioned anything like that, but I think he was showing off. He then said to Georgia (the nurse) do you know how much 3 plus 4 plus 4 is?  He held up his fingers, 3 on one hand and 4 on the other. He then counted out to 7 and then counted the hand with 4 again, up to 11. He said it is 11. Georgia was very impressed with everything he did and said. He informed her that he loved to draw and color, so she provided him with a pen and let him use all of the paper on the bench.

Lars drew a picture of 2 people a flower and wrote Lars ♥ Dr. Rutledge.  (I only helped him with the last name, he already knew the abbreviation for Doctor) Lars presented it to the Dr. as soon as he came into the room. He and Lars had several very long and in depth conversations. When it came time to ask me about his skills, Dr. Rutledge said he was embarrassed to even ask these questions.
4 year questions
Can he count up to 5? (yes, he can count to 43 and do dot to dots up to 89)

Can he hop on one foot? yes with demonstration
Can he use a pencil well? Yep, the picture Lars presented on the Dr.'s arrival.
Does he know his colors? yes, even magenta and turquoise
Can he dress himself? yes, but takes his time and doesn't always cooperate.
5+ year questions
Can he balance on one foot? yes with demo (okay he now passed the test for a 5yr old)
Can he do figure drawing with detail? yes, picture provided
Can he tell stories? He told several during the visit.
The Dr. stated that there is absolutely nothing he could do for me or advise me to have a more perfect and healthy son.

June 22, 2007  5 yr wellness visit for Lars
Well we went to see Dr. Rutledge today for the standard 5 year / Kindergarten visit. Lars was just wonderful.
Weight 41lb         50%
Height  43 3/4"    75%  
BMI                    15
Vision                  20/30 both eyes using wall chart
Blood pressure    84/50 

Lars passed all of the tests again. He was really showing off and asking if he could do a reading or math test too (Which is not done at this age).
Dr. Rutledge asked Lars how high he has ever counted. Lars stated it was "458". The Dr. looked at me and I confirmed that Lars indeed counted that high. He began counting on the way home in the car and continued once we arrived home. The only reason he stopped at that number is because it was getting boring. Lars would really like to try and count to infinity, but we keep telling him it would take his entire life. The next task for Lars was "writing". The Dr handed Lars a paper and pen and asked him if he could please write down his name. Lars looked right at the Dr. and said "Do you want me to write it in cursive or regular?". Dr. Rutledge just gasped, laughed, shook his head and said "I can guarantee you I have never been asked that at a Kindergarten check up before".  There were too many proud parent moments to count and the Dr is very please with Lars overall (Height, Weight, Activity, Socially, Language, etc..).

June 23, 2008 6 yr wellness visit for Lars
Well we went to see Dr. Wilson for the standard check up. Lars was just wonderful again. We had no concerns to raise to the Dr.  When Dr. Wilson asked Lars what his favorite food was, Lars said it was an apple. :-)
Weight 48 1/2lb   50%
Height  47"          75%  
BMI                    15
Vision                  20/25 both eyes using wall chart

Vaccine - Hepatitis A (needs booster in 6-12 months)

July 6, 2009 7 yr wellness visit for Lars
We went to see Dr. Steen for the standard check up.  We had no concerns to raise to the Dr.  When asked what his favorite food was, Lars said it was  Crab. :-)
Weight 56 lb       75%
Height  49 3/4"   75%  
BMI                   16
Vision                 20/25 both eyes using wall chart, recommendation to have an eye exam.

Vaccine - Hepatitis A booster

July 8, 2010 8 yr wellness visit for Lars
We went to see Dr. Rutledge for the standard check up.  We had no concerns to raise and no shots needed.
Weight 64 lb       75%
Height  52 1/2"   75%  
BMI                   16
Blood pressure    92/68 

March  2012 10 yr wellness visit for Lars
We went to see Dr. Sheryl for the standard check up.  We had no concerns to raise and no shots needed.
Weight 81 lb       78%
Height  57"          90%  
Blood pressure    92/60